History Of Acumedica

Acumedica was created and founded on the vision to meet the growing health needs of the community and support those that are searching for a truly integrative approach to their general health, reproductive, hormone and cancer wellness.

As an integrative health care practice we utilise and combine the science and wisdom of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, nutritional, environmental, herbal, naturopathic and reproductive medicine.

These traditional forms of medicine alongside biomedical and western medicine understanding and approaches have allowed Acumedica to become truly innovative in developing the Acumedica method for natural fertility, IVF support, hormone balancing, muskoskeltal support and cancer care.

We believe to truly harness the power of these different medicines you need to know how to apply them to support and enhance your health, hormone and fertility journey thus our patients seek us out for our truly integrative approach which is providing ancient medicine for modern times.
What does Acumedica mean?


The name Acumedica is a combination of both eastern and western names and represents the integration of different medicines, techniques and practices we use at the clinic to achieve and inspire wellness beyond medicine.

What is Wellness beyond Medicine?

Wellness beyond Medicine is going beyond the simple absence of disease to create wellness and optimal health by addressing the realms of the body and mind through integrative health care practices. This is done by integrating ancient medicine techniques with modern medicine for both men and women.

What does the Acumedica logo represent?

AcumedicaOur logo represents the integration of different ideologies as such the circle symbol represents wholeness, nurturing, the womb, the whole yin yang circular symbol, the whole of duality with intent for unified balance, it’s about coming full circle in your own awareness.

The many circles within the circle represent reproducing the circle (reproduction), they also represent cells of the human body as diet, nutrition, acupuncture, herbal, genetic and environmental medicine are key ingredients to supporting cellular energy and cell division for optimal health and reproduction.

The different colours represent the diversity of our clients, their needs and the different forms of medicines that we integrate at Acumedica.