Best Treatments for Endometriosis

What is the best treatment for Endometriosis? Treatment for endometriosis falls into three broad categories Medical treatment with medications such as pain relief and hormonal therapy to suppress estrogen production Surgical to remove endometriosis. However surgery is unable to remove the microscopic endometriosis and this is why endometriosis is likely to proliferate and grow again. […]

Understanding Endometriosis

Say no to ENDO‚Ķ… It is estimated that 176 million women worldwide are affected with Endometriosis, a debilitating condition that can play havoc with mood, hormones, libido, pain, energy levels and infertility. On average it can take 12 years from the onset of symptoms to a definitive diagnosis and then even longer to address and […]

Pain and Acupuncture

What is Pain? Pain is often complex and debilitating affecting jobs, relationships, mental and emotional wellbeing, sleep, ability to exercise and overall health. Managing ongoing chronic pain often involves taking a multidisciplinary approach. Here we provide a guide on the types of pain and some simple ways you can manage pain. How is Pain Classified? […]