Benefits of Time Restricted Eating

Time restricted eating or fasting is an eating pattern where you focus on the timing of when you eat. This combines a period of time where you fast and a period of time when you eat. For example, fasting for 16 hours then eating over a 8 hour period or fasting for 12 hours then eating during the other 12 hour period.

According to research Time Restricted Eating has many benefits.

· Improves blood sugar levels

· Improves insulin sensitivity

· Improves sleep

· Promotes weight loss

· Promotes microbial diversity in your gut and reproductive tract

· Reduces inflammation

· Improves digestive health

· Reduces stress

· Reduces anxiety

· Reduces oxidative stress thereby reduce risk of chronic and degenerative diseases

· Promotes longevity

· Improves immune function

· Balances hormones

· Improves Fertility

· Improves cardio-metabolic health

When adopting a time restricted eating pattern there are several things to take into consideration such as your weight, health, diet, job, lifestyle, exercise, medication and supplement regime. These factors will determine the best regime for your individual needs.


If you would like to reap all the benefits that TRE has to offer Book here for a Naturopathic Consult today!

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