Mindfulness for you body and mind in Pregnancy

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way to be in the present moment, purposefully with no judgement. It helps develop awareness about our habits, reactions and responses in order for us to make more skilful choices.

Research has shown that being mindful with small every day practices has profound health benefits for pregnant women such as 

+ reduces depression

+ reduces stress and anxiety

+  reduce stress hormones that when high can impact growth of the baby

+ Helps with the mother – baby bonding process

Being mindful can be as easy as taking a deep breath and paying attention to what you are doing right now and being grateful for that moment.

Being mindful may be sitting, closing your eyes and paying attention to sounds around you and how you feel in that present moment.

Being mindful may be taking your shoes off outside on the grass and noticing how the grass feels beneath your feet. 

There are no wrong or right ways just your way to stop,  pay attention and be non-judgemental in that exact moment. 

Some of my favourite mindfulness resources:

Hypnobirthing Australia resource 


Insight timer

Your local yoga studio

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