Essentials to starting your Fertility journey

1. Track your menstrual cycle with an app or diary, to determine if you are having a regular or irregular cycle and cycle length. By charting your temperature we have information about your thyroid, hormones, ovulation and even if you have luteal phase defect.

2. Internal Pelvic Ultrasound this is a Reproductive health assessment to look at shape of uterus number of follicles to determine how many follicles, if you are ovulating, health of your uterus & thickness of your endometrial lining. Also used as a diagnostic to determine if you have PCOS or a fibroid affecting fertility and implantation.

3. Takes two to Tango so semen analysis is important to make sure you are making Sperm. A semen analysis can be organised through your GP to assess overall health of sperm with parameters such as morphology, motility, volume and concentratio

4. Fertility hormone assessment this is specific blood work that occurs at specific times of your menstrual cycle. Firstly, we want progesterone checked after ovulation to check if ovulation has occurred. Then between day 2-5 of your cycle have FSH, LH, testosterone, free androgen index, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), full thyroid panel , FBE, Vitamin D, B12, Homocysteine, MTHFR gene and RBC folate checked. This is a general guide to start you off and provide some general insight into your fertility and general health.

5. Make sure you have a fertility and IVF acupuncturist, functional medicine or naturopath review these results as often people are told results are normal when in fact they are not and are hindering fertility and IVF outcomes.

If you need help interpreting your results, not sure where to get testing done or need advice on correcting anything then please contact us to make an appointment

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