Pesticides & Pregnancy

It is vital all mothers and mothers to be Protect their developing baby from the harmful effects of

· Herbicides

· Pesticides

· Insecticides

· Fungicides

· Acaricides

Pesticides have been used for Centuries!

Studies are now looking at the detrimental effects Pesticides are having on foetal development and have found an increased risk of ADHD, neural tube defects, asthma and many other chronic health condition.

The first few weeks of pregnancy is the most vulnerable period during which prenatal pesticide exposure can increase disease risk.

Part of our fertility program is not just considering exposure to these compounds, but ways to reduce exposure.

In addition, testing can also be performed to look at your total toxic load and prepare your body prior to conception!


Let’s Talk if you want to know more about your toxic load and how to best prepare your body to minimise the effects it can have on your body, fertility and pregnancy!

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