The emotions of infertility treatments

One of the most difficult aspects experienced by women undergoing infertility treatments is the feeling of uncertainty and lack of control.  Research has shown that these feelings reduce the wellbeing of woman where up to a ¼ of women undergoing IVF treatments will experience emotional distress. For some this distress is so great that IVF […]

Fertility and Hormone Profiling at acumedica

Optimising Preconception, Pregnancy and Post-natal health with the Hormone and Fertility Profile The Hormone and fertility genetic profile can help reveal the underlying influences affecting your reproductive and endocrine health issues. This profile helps to optimise fertility, pregnancy and post-natal health by identifying the most appropriate forms of nutrients and lifestyle modifications based on your […]

Best Treatments for Endometriosis

What is the best treatment for Endometriosis? Treatment for endometriosis falls into three broad categories Medical treatment with medications such as pain relief and hormonal therapy to suppress estrogen production Surgical to remove endometriosis. However surgery is unable to remove the microscopic endometriosis and this is why endometriosis is likely to proliferate and grow again. […]

Understanding Endometriosis

Say no to ENDO…… It is estimated that 176 million women worldwide are affected with Endometriosis, a debilitating condition that can play havoc with mood, hormones, libido, pain, energy levels and infertility. On average it can take 12 years from the onset of symptoms to a definitive diagnosis and then even longer to address and […]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Infertility

The prevalence of PCOS is thought to be 5-10% and is a contributing factor towards infertility. PCOS is diagnosed when 2 of 3 criteria are met: oligo-ovulation (less than 8 periods/year) and/or anovulation (no ovulation occurs) Excess androgen activity (determined via blood test) Polycystic ovaries (diagnosed with gynaecological ultrasound) Obesity can contribute to the development […]

The Egg and the Sperm

Evidence suggests that infant health is linked to the health of the mother and Father.  Preconception care is about what you do 3-6 months prior to becoming pregnant with a focus on reducing conception related risk factors and improving health to have a healthy baby. It takes 3-4 months for a female’s eggs to mature […]

Tips to reduce your toxin exposure for pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, looking to conceive or are concerned about your overall health, here are a few tips to reduce your toxin exposure. Opt for natural Less is more. Reduce the number of personal care products and make up and opt for natural and if possible organic.  This includes your nail polish, hair dyes, sunscreen, […]

Regulating your Cycle

Having a healthy, normal period is incredibly important for fertility and long-term health in women. An irregular period or one with symptoms including menstrual cramps, heavy menses, or clots is often a sign that something is imbalanced with your hormones and body. A regular menstrual cycle is also important when you are planning for pregnancy […]